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Pro Bono Investigations

Pennington & Associates Ltd. (the investigative firm behind the Dark Alley Project) is accepting applications for its pro bono investigative services. A limited number of cases will be accepted, and approval will depend on the availability of the firm’s investigative resources at the time of application. While any of our investigative services can be requested to receive pro bono consideration, Pennington & Associates Ltd. is currently searching for civil and criminal cases that will stand to have an impact on the communities that the firm serves. Cases in the areas of criminal defense, missing or abducted persons, and unexplained deaths are currently being explored and will be highly considered for approval.

If you have a case that you would like to have considered for Pennington & Associates Ltd.’s pro bono investigative services, please fill out and submit the form below to receive an application. A completed application will be required before your request can be considered.
The Dark Alley Project is operated by Pennington & Associates Ltd. A private investigation and analysis firm.